Closeout T-Shirts Help Your Bottom Line

Customers ask us all the time what do we mean by the term closeouts?  And the answer is the term can mean several things.  One example of a closeout t-shirt is when the t-shirt manufacturer decides to discontinue a color or even an entire product category.  Perhaps a certain color is not selling well or something as minor as they decided to change the shade of a color ever so slightly.  Either way this old color will not be offered by the factory in their upcoming line.  So what do they do with these excess shirts?  What happens if the factory has 1 million units of this discontinued color and they can’t offer as part of their future product line.  The answer is simple, they close it out.  It becomes a closeout.  In these situations factories are always looking for a large buyer can come in and buy everything so they can move on to future colors or styles.  Basically they want to cut their losses.  So that’s where we come in.  We buy these closeout t-shirts at pennies on the dollar.  It’s a win for us because look at the great deal we are getting and we can pass these savings on to our customers.  And it’s also a win for the factory because they can free up the cash they have tied up on these closeout styles.  Also, closeouts tend to take up a lot of room at factories so by getting rid of them, factories free up space for production.  Buying closeouts can be a real smart tactic for many businesses.  Whether you are a retail store, screen printer or any type of business buying at a low price really can help your profit margin and increase profits.  So always be on the lookout for great closeouts!

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