They Do It All For The Love Of Football

Life down here in the south is much different from where I grew up back home in Minnesota in so many ways.  One of the biggest ways that stands out to me here is the overwhelming love for college football as well as high school football.  Back home in Minnesota and in many other states up north, the love for professional sports definitely outweighs the others.  For me, trying to adapt to this way of life has been rather difficult.  I know every professional football team out there but there are so many different college teams, divisions, conferences, etc. that it can be a little hard to keep up with.  Of course, living in Georgia, the only thing I really need to know about is the SEC though!

On any given day or night that college football is on, you will find most people decked out in their team of choice’s t-shirt, jersey, sweatshirt, hat or something to symbolize their love for their team. Did I mention we specialize in bulk hoodies for your team? Ha ha).  You will see the bumper stickers and other sports paraphernalia encompassing their vehicles.  You will hear the bulldog barks of the UGA fans or hear “Roll Tide” coming from the mouths of Alabama fans.  No matter where you live in the south, this is what you will see and hear and experience on a weekly basis during the college football season.  It is taking some getting used to but I am definitely starting to love it and accept the college football life. So, with that being said, GO DAWGS!!

Here at The Adair Group, football season is always good for our business.  Many local high school use us to source their blank t-shirts and bulk sweatshirts that students will wear to show school pride.  Same goes for many of the local universities.  Everyone in our office gets pumped up for football season and I am right there with them!

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