Labor Day and Cooling Temps!

Labor Day weekend is now behind us.  To me, and I am sure a lot of you, this definitely signifies the actual end of the summer.  It is the final hoorah of summer festivities and of course the public holiday honoring all of us hard working citizens.  I am excited and slightly sad at the same time.  It is a bittersweet ending to the summer so to say.  But I am looking forward to the fall.  In Atlanta where The Adair Group is based, fall signifies cooler temps and the beautiful views of the leaves changing colors.  The fall also represents the start of our busy season in regards to fleece items like our wholesale pullover hoodies and zip hoodies.

Labor Day is actually one of the oldest holidays in the United States and was first celebrated in 1878.  Over the years, Labor Day has come to represent a lot of different things to people.  To many of us, it is a day to celebrate our hard work and labor and treat it as a day of rest and relaxation.   A lot of people simply spend the day with friends and family cooking out or going to the beach one last time.  Some people enjoy spending their Labor Day going to an outdoor festival, a baseball game or a live concert while others enjoy it simply doing absolutely nothing at all.  No matter how you treat Labor Day, we can all agree that it is the perfect day to unwind and celebrate the end of summer.    So from all of us at The Adair Group, we hope you enjoyed your labor day and your summer.

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