First Week of School!

Well, here we are.  It is hard to believe that summer is basically over.  It is almost September and for any of you who have children it is that time of the year again.  Back to school time!  No more lazy summer days filled with laughter and sun for these kids.  Nope, it is back to school for them and time once again for learning, books and the all too many times dreaded homework that comes with it.  Whether you have a child in elementary school, middle school or high school, I am sure you have been out shopping for all the necessary school supplies and preparing your child or children for another year.  As a parent, either you are feeling completely relieved and ready for this time to come or you are very nervous about the upcoming school year.  Many parents tend to get even more jittery and anxious than the kids do when it is back to school time.  I know I was a complete nervous wreck pretty much the entire first week of my daughter’s second grade!  But I will say she looked great in one of our rocking kids tie dye t-shirts.  Once the first week anxiety settled down everything was smooth sailing from there so don’t worry if you are feeling nervous as well.  It is a completely normal feeling at this time.  So with that being said, from all of us here at The Adair Group, we wish you and your children a happy, safe and successful 2012-2013 school year!!

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